Come and watch, GD appeared in Canton Fair

The 126th Canton Fair ended successfully in Guangzhou on November 4. The Canton Fair not only attracted professional visitors from Africa and the international refrigeration industry, but also an ideal place to release solutions and innovative technologies. So here we come!

GD’s in-depth planning and strategic layout for the global market has achieved initial results and has made great strides in core markets such as Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Australia, and South America. GD has accelerated the introduction of new generation products such as Hyunfeng III in overseas markets, and has continuously enriched GD’s product lines in overseas markets. Through continuous technological reform and improvement, we have stricter requirements and controls on product quality, and we have continuously improved and optimized our service process system. At booth D56, GD attracted the attention of professional visitors with its novelty, practicality and economy of product design, and buyers began to consult and acceptGD Smart Manufacturing”.