GD industrial large fans provide ventilation and cooling for factories, warehouses and other spaces

With the departure of TyphoonLichma”, Shanghai reopened theBarbecuemode. On August 13th, under the condition of rainsaving the fieldin Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the temperature barely stopped at the 30 ° C mark, but the areas without rain were roasted purple, and some cities and counties even approached 36 ° C. The workshop and the workshop are hot, and the GD industrial fanXuanfeng IIIseries provides ventilation and cooling problems for the workshop and warehouse.

Comparison of industrial fans and traditional fans

Advantages of industrial fans:
The industrial large fan adopts the latest propeller streamlined 7.3-meter blades in the United States. The perfect streamline allows users to enjoy three-dimensional air supply of 1-3m / s, forming a natural breeze system;
Easy to use
Adopting the latest variable frequency stepless speed control system, while being easy to use, the user-friendly operation interface also allows you to enjoy the beauty of scientific and technological achievements in life;
Beautiful and durable
The product has undergone complex surface treatment, which can avoid the pain of cleaning; industrial large fans are the most cost-effective, and the life of each fan can reach more than 10 years;
Energy saving

Perfect streamline design, strict selection test, can effectively cover an area of ​​more than 1,500 square meters, and the maximum power consumption is only 1.5KW, which can be called a model of energy saving.

Disadvantages of traditional fans:
1) Directly blow the human body at high speed, which brings many health problems;
2) At high speeds, it is easy to adsorb dust in the air, difficult to clean, and seriously affects service life;
3) Extremely small coverage and high energy consumption;
4) The use in industrial plants and tall venues will affect the aesthetics of the workshops and venues.
5) It is extremely inconvenient to use and it is easy to cause safety problems.