ShangHai Mekra-lang

Shanghai Mikron Automotive Mirror Co., Ltd. is a large domestic automobile company with many workshops. Among them, there are many equipment in the mechanical processing workshop, which generates high heat and is easy to gather. When the weather is hot, the building is prone to dry and unbearable indoor environment due to exposure to heat. In addition, the cooling effect of production equipment and staff has poor indoor air circulation The problem is that the general small fan can only make partial improvements, and the large fan achieves scientific air circulation. The powerful air agitation capability enables continuous movement of indoor air in a large space to improve the environment of the plant.

The solution provided by GuangDing promotes air circulation in the processing workshop, helps exhaust heat energy stars, forms a natural and comfortable wind field, and achieves the dual ventilation and cooling effect of personnel and the environment. The improvement of the overall workshop environment improves the productivity of workers and better guarantees the safe and efficient operation of equipment.