Precautions & Safety Guarantees

Cautions when using large ceiling fans

Check the reliability of the ceiling fan suspension before use every year. It is best to use the steel hooks in the ceiling prefabricated panels for ceiling fans. If no steel is left in the ceiling, use steel bars with a diameter of about 81. Do not save time and time. Use multiple strands of steel wire to hang them. This is very dangerous. .

When Installing A Ceiling Fan, Pay Special Attention To It: The rubber wheels on the ceiling fan are used to dampen the shock, so do not throw it away. Check the ceiling fan: The ceiling fan has been used for about one year. Check the ceiling fan’s components, such as the boom, screws, terminal blocks, blades, etc. for looseness or corrosion, rust, cracks, deformation and other abnormal conditions. Whether it is firm and well stressed. If loose screws are tightened in time, damaged parts should be replaced in time. In addition, check every two or three years-the degree of wear of the screws and pins, and find that the wear is serious, and replace it in time.

Test Run: Before use, it is best to test run without anyone under the ceiling fan. Through trial operation, see if there is jitter or unevenness during rotation, smoke, listen for unusual sounds, and smell of burnt smell. If jitter, noise, odor, etc. are found during the trial operation, stop using it immediately and find out the cause before continuing to use it. Fast start, less switching times: Many people are accustomed to start with the slow start first, thinking that this will not only save power, but also protect the parts and extend the service life. In fact, doing this is counterproductive, you should start the electric fan with the fast gear first. At the same time, it should be noted that frequent starting will overheat the motor and shorten its service life.

Avoid Continuous Operation: If the ceiling fan needs to be operated continuously, after 2 to 3 hours of operation, it should be stopped for a while to dissipate the heat and then turned on to prevent the motor from overheating and burned out. When an abnormality is found during use, immediately power off. Prevent the human body and other objects from contacting the rotating ceiling fan: Do not throw anything under the ceiling fan when using the ceiling fan: Do not jump under the ceiling fan. Users with lower ceilings should pay more attention: It is also not allowed to hold infants under the rotating ceiling fan . To prevent the human body and other objects from contacting the rotating ceiling fan, mechanical damage may occur.

What are the safety guarantees of industrial ceiling fans?

One, safety buckle
According to the manufacturer of industrial energy-saving ceiling fans, large ceiling fans have a safety buckle design. If an accident occurs due to internal or external reasons, it will provide multifunctional protection to prevent any parts from slipping. When the bottom fixing part becomes loose, etc., the fan There will be a certain drop on the vertical surface, and the safety hook can catch the shelf, thereby ensuring that the fan is prevented from falling.

Two,Fan Blades And Safety Clips
The fan blade and the safety clip reconnect the fan blade and the chassis in the L l ceiling fan to form an integrated structure. The upper and lower layers of the fan blade are fixed to ensure that the blade and the tray are integrated. The risk of looseness, and all its fasteners meet industrial bolt standards, which has become the industry’s signature safety measure.

Three, the wire lead
The stress intensity of each cable lead can reach the standard, and each connection point is equipped with double protection. The steel wire rope used in the professional industrial energy-saving ceiling fan is used to ensure the balance of the fan during the rotation of the fan. It can accept a larger fan when it is stationary. Weight. When the electric fan is “unpredictable”, the wire rope can suspend the electric fan to prevent it from falling down. In addition, the wire rope is firmly fixed on the beam and extension rod to prevent the electric fan from falling due to screw breakage.

Finally, the industrial large ceiling fan also made the ultimate protection. The electric wrench can achieve the firmness that human hands can’t reach. During the installation process, all the fixing parts use electric wrenches, thereby ensuring the engineering quality. Some high-level industrial energy-saving ceiling fans will also be equipped with frequency conversion protection, that is, when the fan of the gear is abnormal, the frequency converter will automatically alarm, so that the industrial large ceiling fan will stop immediately. Damage event occurred.